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Our veterans made a commitment to our country, and in return we made a promise to them. For too many years, America has failed to hold up our end of the bargain.

We need a VA system that models efficiency and transparency, not bureaucracy and red tape.

We must ensure our veterans receive the treatment they deserve.

The new Republican majority is working to bring back Trump-era improvements to the VA that made care more affordable and more accessible for veterans across the nation.

Key Veteran Votes:
  • Yea on H.R. 1226 (Passed House on 03.07.23) — Requires the VA to make veterans' files available to them online
  • Yea on H.R. 815 (Passed House on 03.07.23) — Expands veterans' ability to reimburse emergency care
  • Yea on H.R. 753 (Passed House on 03.08.23) — Requires the VA to evaluate certain waste management costs, freeing up funds to be spent on veterans' care
Key Veteran Legislation:
  • Cosponsored H.R. 1282 (Introduced on 03.01.23) — Allows more disabled combat veterans to receive access to disability and retirement benefits