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Crime & Public Safety

Across the nation, violent crime rates are skyrocketing. At the same time, progressive prosecutors are letting serial criminals go free. Radical activists have pushed to "defund" the police, and retirement and retention rates for law enforcement officers are moving in the wrong direction.

As a retired sheriff and 42-year law enforcement veteran, I know what it takes to keep our communities safe.

To protect our communities, we must stand up for law and order. As a member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, I'm fighting to ensure that law enforcement is able to do its job and keep criminals off the streets.

Key Votes:
  • Yes on the HALT Fentanyl Act, which would permanently classify fentanyl as a Schedule I drug.
  • Yes on House Concurrent Resolution 40, which expressed support for law enforcement officers and condemned the "defund the police" movement.
  • Yes on House Joint Resolution 26, which overturned Washington DC's radical pro-crime sentencing laws.
  • Yes on House Resolution 363*, which memorialized law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.
  • Yes on the POLICE Act, which would make assault of a first responder a deportable offense.

*Cosponsored by Congressman Ezell


Other Key Legislation:
  • Sponsor of the UPDATED USPS Act, which would crack down on techniques used by drug smugglers to move fentanyl and other drugs through the U.S. mail.
  • Cosponsor of the Thin Blue Line Act , which would increase federal penalties for killing or targeting a first responder.
  • Sponsor of House Resolution 63, which honors two Bay St. Louis police officers who were shot and killed in the line of duty.