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WDAM: Ezell to take part in House committee hearing on possible Mayorkas impeachment

A Congressional committee is taking up next week the question of whether the nation’s top internal security chief should keep his job.

First-term Rep. Mike Ezell (R-Mississippi) will be in the middle of those considerations.

Ezell sits on the House’s Republican-led Homeland Security Committee, which is scheduled to hold a hearing Wednesday on the possible impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Many Republicans have accused Mayorkas of being derelict overseeing the border between the United States and Mexico.

Ezell said he will be interested in listening to the testimony.

“We’ll have some victims there of border crime,” Ezell said. “We’ll have some other folks there, some professionals. We’ll probably have some former border patrol agents. We’ve talked to those folks over the course of this last year.

“I went to the border earlier and it’s time to get something done about it, but we want to prepare our case like you’re supposed to, not the way they did it for (former) President (Donald) Trump.”

Ezell was in Hattiesburg Friday to speak at a monthly meeting of the Area Development Partnership.