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Ezell Speaks on Ongoing Spending Negotiations

This afternoon, Congressman Mike Ezell outlined his thoughts on H.R. 5525, the Spending Reduction and Border Security Act, as well as the potential of a government shutdown.
Remarks as delivered are below. You can download the video here.

"Today, I voted for a bill that would have secured our southern border, cut billions in wasteful spending, and ensure our government is open and our troops are being paid for the next 30 days.

"Unfortunately, Democrats and a few Republicans chose to block this legislation.

"Let me be clear: I don’t like the way Washington does business.

"When I came to Congress in January, I was ready to shake things up and bring back regular, constitutional order. For the first time in years, House Republicans have done just that.

"We have passed single-subject spending bills to fund more than 70% of federal discretionary spending, including our military, our border patrol, and the VA. Those bills have been sent to Senator Schumer, but he has refused to bring them up for a vote.

"Pushing forward strong, conservative appropriations bills takes time. That’s why we need to ensure our troops [and] border patrol get paid while Washington negotiates. 

"Today’s bill would have done just that.

"It also would have forced the Biden Administration to finally secure our southern border. 

"In the last five days, we’ve had more than 50,000 illegal border crossings. That’s more people than live in the entire city of Biloxi. It’s out of control, but President Biden and Senate Democrats refuse to do anything serious. 

"They’ve refused to do anything serious on the looming government shutdown as well.

"The American people and their representatives in the House have made it clear what we want — we want to tackle wasteful spending and shut down the border, not the country. 

"It’s very possible our government is gonna shut down this Sunday morning. I don’t know what the future’s gonna hold, but I know a couple of things. 

"First, Members of Congress should live under the same rules as the people they represent. During a government shutdown, the men and women of the United States military, including many at installations across South Mississippi, will be required to go to work without pay.

"I cannot in good faith accept my salary while servicemembers aren’t receiving theirs, so if a shutdown begins, I’ve instructed the House to withhold my pay.

"Second, I will not stop fighting for what’s right. I’ll continue working with my colleagues to get good bills passed to fund government, save taxpayer dollars, and put a stop to the Biden policies that are destroying our way of life.

"It’s my honor to serve South Mississippi here in Congress, and I’ll continue to work for you each and every day."