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Congressman Mike Ezell Backs Pro-Veteran Legislation

Washington, DC, March 7, 2023 | Josh Riggs (2022260454)

Today, the House will consider a package of pro-veteran reforms supported by Congressman Mike Ezell.

"For too long, our veterans have been forgotten by Washington bureaucrats," said Congressman Ezell. "These bills will not solve every problem our veterans face when they return home, but they are a clear step in the right direction."

H.R. 502, sponsored by Rep. Jim Banks (IN-03), closes an unintentional loophole in the current Post-9/11 GI bill, ensuring that all eligible service members and veterans get their full MGIB refund.

H.R. 815, sponsored by Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-05), would eliminate a gap in veteran emergency care insurance coverage by expanding emergency coverage under Care in the Community for veterans.

H.R. 753, sponsored by Rep. Michael Bost (IL-12), requires the Department of Veteran Affairs to install on-site medical waste treatment systems in some VA facilities, saving tens of millions of dollars annually that can be reallocated to patient care.

H.R. 1226, sponsored by Rep. Peter Aguilar (CA-33), streamlines the process for veterans to submit a claim for benefits to the VA.

"I'm proud to support this bipartisan package of legislation," said Congressman Ezell. "We must continue working to better our VA system and ensure every veteran is given the respect and care they deserve."